One of our objectives is to provide the skills, techniques and confidence to anyone who wants to get involved with archaeology.

Whilst some archaeology textbooks may seem tedious, and techniques increasingly technical, there are plenty of meaningful activities for the amateur archaeologist.

Moreover, archaeology funding organisations (such as the Heritage Lottery Fund) increasingly favour local community involvement.

The best practice guides below cover a range of essential archaeology skills and techniques. Most are part of a series prepared by Jigsaw – a network of Cambridgeshire groups working alongside Oxford Archaeology East; these guides are available for download from the Jigsaw Website.

Copyright in these guides belongs to Jigsaw and the authors

FRAG organises sessions where members can learn more about archaeological skills and build the confidence to take an active part in surveys and excavations.

Metal Detector Training – 2017
Metal Detecting and Archaeology – Do’s and Dont’s
Geophys Training in Itter Park, Peterborough