The Roman crucifixion at Fenstanton hit the headlines last year and is the subject of a FRAG talk on Monday 4th March.

The skeleton which provides the evidence also features in a new exhibition at the British Museum about life in the Roman Army. It’s a very special collection of objects, beautifully presented, and including Vindolanda tablets and the only surviving complete curved shield (scutum) shield used by legionaries.

Th exhibition focuses on the experiences of ordinary soldiers, both the citizen legionaries and the non-citizen auxiliaries, as well as their families. Following the life of one legionary whose letters home have survived the centuries, Claudius Terentianus, the exhibition takes visitors on a journey from enlistment to retirement.

You have to pay to visit the exhibition but it is rather special. It runs until 23rd June. Introduction to Legion: life in the Roman army

Roman scutum – Yale University Art Gallery, Yale-French Excavations at Dura-Europos