St Mary Magdalene Church

St Mary Magdalene Church, Stiton

A new guide to St Mary Magdalene Church Stilton tells of the lives of ordinary people (and a few extraordinary characters too) throughout the centuries, living, working and worshipping together. The church’s history reflects the unique significance of Stilton as both an agricultural settlement on the edge of the Fens ... More

leicester university short courses

Leicester University – Archaeology Short Courses

From November to March 2020 University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS) will be running ten ½-day and 1-day courses, on Saturdays. The courses will focus on skills including how to set up an archaeology project, desk-based research, fieldwalking, test-pitting, excavation, reading the landscape, finds ... More


Peterborough & The Soke

The British Archaeological Association held its summer conference in Peterborough in 2015. A book has now been published which captures the topics which were addressed. The focus is on Peterborough Cathedral but collectively the 20 papers by leading specialists provide a valuable contribution to the understanding of ... More

broken sword harrabin

The Broken Sword – Michael Harrabin

The Broken Sword by Michael Harrabin is a full-length novel which addresses Bronze Age mysteries with have been challenging Peterborough archaeology More

nassington 2019

Nassington Ditch Hunt

We are back in sunny Nassington for the fourth year with our friends from MidNAG. This year we are continuing our quest to understand the features revealed by geophysics and aerial photography. Fewer specific features (or finds) but plenty of ditches! And plenty of dogs. Here is a skull being lifted by one of our ... More

Archaeology of Bahrain - royal mound 8

The Archaeology of Bahrain

The archaeology of Bahrain was introduced to FRAG by Michael Olney. Bahrain is a small island 32 miles long by 11 miles wide but it has been at the centre of world trade and civilisation for millennia. In ancient times the island was an oasis of fertility within a mainly desolate region. This could have given rise ... More


Durobrivae Dig Going Ahead

Approval has been given by Historic England for the exploratory excavation at Durobrivae in July. The aim is to examine the state of preservation of the monument, which will involve lifting the turf and exposing the first undisturbed archaeological layer, particularly in areas subject to damage by rabbit burrows. It ... More

FRAG Heritage Festival 2019

FRAG at 2019 Heritage Festival

FRAG joined forces with MidNAG and Nene Valley Archaeological Trust to help spread the word about Peterborough's wealth of history and archaeology. More

susanna harris university of glasgow must farm textiles

Must Farm – Post Excavation News

The first official publication about the Must Farm excavation has been published and we are starting to see a stream of post excavation analysis. More

FRAG excavation - Fane Road Allotments May 2019

Romans of Fane Road – May 2019

FRAG went back to the Fane Road allotments for 4 days digging from 17th to 20th May. The primary objective was to understand more about the Roman wall discovered during test pitting in October 2017 (Trench 1). With a great turn-out of volunteers we were also able to open a second trench over a nearby area which had been ... More