The Napoleonic Prison of Norman Cross

There is a new book about Norman Cross by Paul Chamberlain. Norman Cross Prison was the first ever purpose built prisoner of war camp. Its sub-title "The lost town of Huntingdonshire" emphasises its impact on the local community. Those who have heard Paul's talks about the prison will have been fascinated by his ability ... More


Flag Fen Flint Knapping Workshop

A flint knapping workshop organised by Vivacity took place at Flag Fen on Saturday. Eight students (including FRAG members) produced arrowheads, stone axes and a variety of sharp blades. However, it soon became clear that we should have started practicing many years before if we were ever to become as proficient as our ... More

Must Farm Artefacts

Peterborough Museum set to house Must Farm Collection

Plans are being finalised to expand Peterborough Museum in order to display the Must Farm collection of Bronze Age artefacts. Vivacity has been working with interested parties ranging from The British Museum and Historic England to Cambridge Archaeological Unit and Whittlesey Museum. The objective has been to find a ... More

Peterborough Cathedral Square History

The History and Archaeology of Cathedral Square

There is a newly published book about "The History and Archaeology of Cathedral Square Peterborough". It is written by Stephen Morris and brings together the investigation and monitoring work undertaken by Northamptonshire Archaeology (subsequently MOLA) during the improvements made to Peterborough city centre between ... More

Study Days at Sutton Hoo

There are a series of study days at Sutton Hoo coming up. They are organised by Wuffing Education and cover a variety of archaeological and historical topics. The emphasis is on early mediaeval England in general and East Anglia in particular. The Wuffings Website March 17th : St Patrick (c. 390-c. 461) - His ... More

roman pottery workshop

Roman Pottery Workshop – A Great Success!

The FRAG talk in February was about Roman pottery in the Peterborough area - but it was much more than this. Dr Stephen Upex came armed with a large collection of pottery - grouped into 18 different categories according to style, decoration and date. It was the task of the audience to work out what they were. Just to ... More

st leonards skeleton

Meet our Peterborough Ancestors

There's is a rare opportunity to find out more about our Peterborough ancestors. More particularly, about 130 people who were Peterborough residents between the 12th and 16th centuries and who came to be buried in a graveyard associated with the St Leonard's leper hospital. St Leonard's was known as The Spital, and of ... More

durobrivae geophys 2017

Geophysical Survey reveals more information about Durobrivae

Several FRAG members helped with a geophysical survey across parts of the Durobrivae site near Water Newton, Peterborough. The survey work required the explicit permission of Historic England which is responsible for the Roman Peterborough site. The work was co-ordinated by volunteers from the Community Archaeology ... More

jigsaw cambridge

FRAG Joins Jigsaw Cambridgeshire

In November 2017 FRAG made another step forward by affiliating to Jigsaw, a network of archaeology groups active across Cambridgeshire. Jigsaw started as a 5 year Heritage Lottery Funded project in 2011 by Oxford Archaeology East and Cambridgeshire County Council to assist local history and archaeological societies. The ... More

metal detecting 2017

Metal Detector Training – 2017

The sun shone on our latest metal detector training session - and there were some really interesting finds too More