Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) is organising a series of online events which feature the fascinating archaeology of the A14 excavations.

The talks will cover a huge range of incredible discoveries, including Roman amulets, a brand-new Romano-British pottery industry, and a prehistoric frog mystery. Join experts to uncover the incredible archaeology of the A14, from osteology to environmental archaeology.

The first talk, Mon Oct 23 2023, at 12pm, will give a general overview and introduction to the archaeology. Book your space on each talk to get a (virtual) seat at the premieres – or catch up later on the MOLA YouTube channel.


Monday 23/10/2023, 12-1pm: Introduction to the Archaeology of the A14
Tuesday 24/10/2023, 7-8 pm : Specialist Talk (Pottery)
Wednesday 25/10/2023, 12-1pm: Specialist Talk (Environmental archaeology)
Wednesday 25/10/2023, 7-8 pm: Specialist Talk (Small finds)
Thursday 26/10/2023, 7-8 pm: Specialist Talk (Osteology)