The Strata Florida Trust runs an archaeology field school within the precinct of a 12st Century Cistercian Abbey in central Wales.

They have asked us whether anyone would be interested in joining this year:

“We offer a fully accessible training programme, including a wide variety of archaeological excavation and survey techniques, from understanding how to correctly use a trowel to the collection of geophysical data for archaeological mapping. We offer a mixture of residential courses and day courses, and we welcome people of all ages, those with no prior archaeological experience as well as those wanting to build upon previous skills.

Ours aims to be the most inclusive archaeology school in the UK. We work with wellbeing and mental health support partners to deliver onsite support to participants. Our mission is to share Strata Florida’s unique history, archaeology, heritage and links to Welsh culture with as diverse an audience as possible, including members of the public, students, volunteers and others.”