west deeping - rectory farm

Rectory Farm, West Deeping

There was a rare opportunity for a little digging last month. At the invitation of gravel extraction company, Breedon, volunteers participated in an induction day at the Rectory Farm site near West Deeping. The gravel extraction in the area is inevitably removing the archaeological record but equally there is a unique ... More

helpston aerial crop marks

Welland Valley Crop Marks

The unusual mix of extended wet and dry periods this summer has not pleased farmers but has been good for Welland Valley crop marks. As well as the interesting features seen recently in Bainton it has been possible to capture good images at Baston, Maxey and Helpston. The image above was taken by local pilot David Leggett ... More

Bronze Age Bainton

Bronze Age Bainton

Crop marks have been spotted near Bainton, including a clear pit alignment which if similar to one excavated in the 1960s at Tallington may well date from the Bronze Age. Bainton lies on the south side of the Welland valley which is well known for its prehistoric remains and ceremonial landscape. The marks seem to have ... More

broken sword harrabin

The Broken Sword – Michael Harrabin

The Broken Sword by Michael Harrabin is a full-length novel which addresses Bronze Age mysteries with have been challenging Peterborough archaeology More

susanna harris university of glasgow must farm textiles

Must Farm – Post Excavation News

The first official publication about the Must Farm excavation has been published and we are starting to see a stream of post excavation analysis. More

Must Farm Artefacts

Peterborough Museum set to house Must Farm Collection

Plans are being finalised to expand Peterborough Museum in order to display the Must Farm collection of Bronze Age artefacts. Vivacity has been working with interested parties ranging from The British Museum and Historic England to Cambridge Archaeological Unit and Whittlesey Museum. The objective has been to find a ... More