The first excavation since 2012 is being undertaken at Flag Fen.

We were alerted to this at the November FRAG meeting. Cambridge Archaeology Unit is opening a number of trenches to help inform Historic England’s approach to the ongoing care of this precious site. Of particular concern is the drying out of the remaining timbers which could cause wood preserved by the wet peat for 3000 years to rot away.

The “condition assessment” project has not been widely publicised but will be continuing until mid November. Information about it is now being posted on the CAU twitter page.

The project is being led by Mark Knight who was also responsible for the Bradley Fen and Must Farm Bronze Age sites – so well positioned to build a cohesive view of the Bronze Age fen edge landscape. Mark will be the speaker at our next meeting on Monday 6th December.

Soay Sheep at Flag Fen