The first official publication about the Must Farm excavation has been published and we are starting to see a stream of post excavation analysis.

Whilst it is of course worth visiting the official Must Farm website, we have added a Must Farm – Post Excavation page to help keep you up to date.

The new publication covers a lot of factual information about the excavation. It emphasises the “material intensity” of the site when compared to most other prehistoric sites. It also discusses its relationship to Flag Fen. In particular it confirms that whilst they are both Bronze Age sites in close proximity they differ in terms of date and purpose. Must Farm dates from mid 9th century BC whilst the final stage of Flag Fen was 100 years earlier. And Flag Fen provided a dry route to the Northey Island field systems whilst Must Farm is an example of colonisation of an active waterway (as found at other sites of this period).

Post excavation analysis includes a series of videos about the Must Farm textiles by Dr Susanna Harris of Glasgow University.