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Peterborough Extensive Urban Survey Report

The 2019 Peterborough Extensive Urban Survey Report is the outcome of a project by Peterborough City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council with funding from Historic England to collate and re-evaluate the city's known urban archaeological resource. It followed on from a previous survey which was focused on the ... More

St Mary Magdalene Church

St Mary Magdalene Church, Stilton

A new guide to St Mary Magdalene Church Stilton tells of the lives of ordinary people (and a few extraordinary characters too) throughout the centuries, living, working and worshipping together. The church’s history reflects the unique significance of Stilton as both an agricultural settlement on the edge of the Fens ... More


Peterborough & The Soke

The British Archaeological Association held its summer conference in Peterborough in 2015. A book has now been published which captures the topics which were addressed. The focus is on Peterborough Cathedral but collectively the 20 papers by leading specialists provide a valuable contribution to the understanding of ... More

Barnack Anglo-Scandinavian Grave Cover

An enigmatic grave cover in Barnack with Anglo-Scandinavian engraving More

Peterborough Cathedral Square History

The History and Archaeology of Cathedral Square

There is a newly published book about "The History and Archaeology of Cathedral Square Peterborough". It is written by Stephen Morris and brings together the investigation and monitoring work undertaken by Northamptonshire Archaeology (subsequently MOLA) during the improvements made to Peterborough city centre between ... More

Study Days at Sutton Hoo

There are a series of study days at Sutton Hoo coming up. They are organised by Wuffing Education and cover a variety of archaeological and historical topics. The emphasis is on early mediaeval England in general and East Anglia in particular. The Wuffings Website March 17th : St Patrick (c. 390-c. 461) - His ... More

st leonards skeleton

Meet our Peterborough Ancestors

There's is a rare opportunity to find out more about our Peterborough ancestors. More particularly, about 130 people who were Peterborough residents between the 12th and 16th centuries and who came to be buried in a graveyard associated with the St Leonard's leper hospital. St Leonard's was known as The Spital, and of ... More

Torpel Manor Reconstruction

Torpel Manor Book Launch

Torpel Manor was the subject of a FRAG talk last year by Mike Clatworthy. Well, this afternoon, the Helpston team launched their book of the project. More