Must Farm – Post Excavation

The Must Farm post excavation work involves years of detailed analysis but promises to be as important to our understanding of life in the late Bronze Age as the stunning discovery itself. It is fascinating with regard to our local interest in the Peterborough Fen edge – but the quality of the archaeology is also attracting national and international attention.

Our Must Farm summary introduces the site and the initial excavation. Here we provide an easy route to keep in touch with the Must Farm post excavation analysis and reports.

It is the shear volume and range of objects found within a single datable context which is one of the unique features of Must Farm. The archaeologists are calling it “Material Intensity”. Instead of the usual haphazard array of fragments which happen to have survived, it is virtually possible to draw up an inventory of household goods. And the preservation of organic items such as wood and textiles is so good that we can greatly extend our understanding of how they were made, sourced and used.

Must Farm Post Excavation – Reports & Presentations

Published in Antiquity in 2019 this report provides a comprehensive summary of the excavation – and includes a useful bibliography.

Must Farm Post Excavation – Textiles

In a series of videos, Dr Susanna Harris of Glasgow University explains the textiles found at Must Farm.

Part One: Introducing Bronze Age Textiles
Part Two: Must Farm’s Fibres and Fabrics
Part Three: Fibres and Fabrics – Quality and Technology
Part Four: Yarn and Wound Thread
Part Five: Twining
Part Six: Fibre Bundles
Part Seven: Yarns from Must Farm

Must Farm Post Excavation – Metalwork

Follow this link to view a video from 2018 by Mark Knight which provides an insight into a collection of socketed axes from Must Farm:

More Post Excavation Information

You can explore more at the Must Farm website: