Aerial photo of Fane Road villa site

Aerial view of Itter Crescent excavation site (under houses) and Community Excavation site (under Fane Road allotments) – Photo by Rex Gibson

The second excavation report concluded there is still scope for much more research-led fieldwork to be carried out on the Iron Age and Roman villa site at Fane Road. A number suggestions for further work were made.

“Further work could focus on a re-examination of the excavation area to try to answer specific research questions. These might include further investigation to expose more of the Iron Age settlement and to determine whether the Early Roman proto-villa extended this far south.

It would also be useful to further define the sequence, date and plan of the room/additional buildings in this area and the phases of remodelling to create the bath-suite. In terms of the wider context, it might be possible to try and ascertain the outer limits of the villa complex by digging a further series of test pits within the allotment site.”

A number of test pits were dug in October 2016. Yielding little, these did set some boundaries for the area of occupation. Further test pits, concentrated closer to the Community Excavation are planned for October 2017.