Fane Road Test Pits

Romans of Fane Road – 2017 Dig Diary

We are back digging the Romano-British villa site between Itter Crescent and Fane Road in Peterborough! This year we have just a few days to excavate more test pits on the Fane Road allotments. December 2017 Update Preliminary Results and Analysis The full report will be published once the finds processing and ... More


Durobrivae – Breaking News!

This month’s FRAG talk on Durobrivae delivered by Dr Stephen Upex was newsworthy, comprehensive, and fascinating. Durobrivae – News The walled Roman town at Durobrivae is an Historic England scheduled site but it is at risk from burrowing animals, unauthorised detectorists and other threats. There is growing ... More

Stonea Camp September 2017

Stonea Camp – Guided Walk

Several new members joined the FRAG tour of Stonea Camp and Stonea Grange led by David Crawford-White on Saturday 9th September. The lumps and bumps reveal little on their own but with David’s expert commentary we gained a good understanding of their significance. The late Iron Age “hill fort” lying just a couple ... More

nassington archaeology 2017

Back to Nassington – 2017

It's not broadcast quality but for those involved in the Nassington excavation I hope this video brings back happy memories - and perhaps the inspiration to return next year....... Day 1 - Saturday 19th The Nassington excavation of a Roman barn continues. Members of FRAG joined up again with our friends from ... More


The Roman Kiln

Construction and firing of a replica Roman kiln was a central element of the community dig. Amongst the Fane Road volunteers and allotment holders was an accomplished amateur potter, Wendy Gamble. With her own modern kilns nearby she could have easily produced Roman style pottery of the era of the Fane Road villa. That ... More

New Insights into Roman Town at Peterborough

The largest Roman centre in the Peterborough area was Durobrivae. There are no longer any visible remains other than lumps and bumps in a field close to the A1. During August 2016 archaeologists undertook a series of non invasive surveys to help improve our understanding of what lies below the ground. The Roman town of ... More

nassington roman barn

Nassington Roman Barn

On a gentle slope above the village of Nassington an excavation led by Middle Nene Archaeological Group in August 2016 revealed a large, rectangular Roman building. Site director, Derek Roberts, and his brother Andy had been drawn to this site initially by a high density of surface finds. Geophysical survey then ... More