And the winner of Current Archaeology’s prestigious Rescue Project of the Year award for 2022 is……

Building a Roman Villa: a Romano-Celtic temple-mausoleum and evidence of industry at Priors Hall, Corby!

The project leader for Oxford Archaeology East was Paddy Lambert. Paddy will be with us at FRAG on Monday 7th March to talk about the project.

Current Archaeology - Project of the Year 2022

Each year projects from across the UK are put forward for this award. The past 12 months has provided plenty of high profile candidates. Nominations for the award included:

  • The discovery in Bath of one of the earliest Victorian wash houses – Wessex Archaeology
  • Excavation of an infant Beaker burial near Salisbury – Headland Archaeology
  • How one of the biggest excavations in Wales uncovered a long-lost henge – Cotswold Archaeology
  • A 12th-century Fenland smithy site in Cheveley – Headland Archaeology
  • Britain’s first medieval chess workshop in Northampton – MOLA
  • 8000 years of human activity revealed by new bypass in Galloway – GUARD Archaeology

The Priors Hall project in Corby topped the lot shedding vivid light on the construction of a Roman villa, the reuse of an enigmatic religious building, and a bustling array of industrial activity.

There is an online article about the project on the Current Archaeology website.

But better than that why not join us on Monday 7th March to hear all about the project from Paddy Lambert who led the excavation.

Priors Hall - Kiln

Pottery kiln at Prior’s Hall, Corby

Priors Hall - Lime Kiln and Oxford Archaeology East Team

Roman Lime kiln & the Oxford Archaeology East Priors Hall Project Team

Priors Hall - Temple Mausoleum & Tileries

End of excavation aerial shot of the Priors Hall temple-mausoleum and tileries