The Peterborough Local List Project will update and extend the existing list. The Local List of heritage assets sits beneath the nationally registered Scheduled Monuments and Listed Buildings. It does not offer the same statutory protection but it does come into play if assets are affected by planning applications.

The existing list largely comprises buildings in the central parts of Peterborough. The new initiative aims to increase the scope both in terms of location and type of asset. For instance, one of the criteria is “archaeological interest”.

The Council welcomes suggestions for inclusion directly from the general public. You do not need to contribute them indirectly through organisations such as FRAG or your parish council though this is a possibility.

The council’s project team have issued a “Toolbox” which explains more about the project and the criteria for inclusion on the Local List. The opening of online nominations will be on 5th July. The consultation will run for 8 weeks ending on the 31st of August.

Peterborough Local List – Toolbox

There are two online zoom seminars being organised by the Council to explain the project further to those interested. One emphasises “urban” examples and one “rural” examples – but apparently the basic content covered will be the same:

Topic: Local List Project, Urban Toolkit
Time: Jun 30, 2021 07:00 PM London
Meeting ID: 914 8361 2183
Passcode: 403211

Topic: Local List Project, Rural Toolkit
Time: Jul 7, 2021 07:00 PM London
Meeting ID: 963 5128 4426
Passcode: 165056

If you have any further questions about the PCC Toolbox or their online sessions please contact the project coordinators: