FRAG members enjoyed a unique opportunity to visit the Must Farm excavation.

Billed as a Bronze Age island settlement at Whittlesey, the reality is actually much more than you could ever anticipate.

Selina Davenport, the Must arm outreach supervisor for the Cambridge Archaeological Unit explained the site as archaeologists continued to retrieve evidence of every day life 3,000 years ago.


Visit Must Farm – Overview of Excavation

must farm excavation

Vertical timbers and roof timbers of at least 3 roundhouses


Must Farm - Excavators at work

Must Farm – Excavators at work


must farm visit - feb 2016

Viewing platform enables us to look down on the round houses being excavated


Visit Must Farm – Beautifully Preserved Round House Timbers

must farm visit - timbers

Wicker remains amongst the woodwork


must farm - stakes

Sharpened posts as they were originally driven into the river bed


Visit Must Farm – Everyday Objects

must farm pots

Complete pots in situ


Must farm pots

Selina points to more pots


Must Farm - fabrics

Illustration of fabric finds


A big thank you to Selina and the CAU!


Must Farm – More Information