Approval has been given by Historic England for the exploratory excavation at Durobrivae in July.

The aim is to examine the state of preservation of the monument, which will involve lifting the turf and exposing the first undisturbed archaeological layer, particularly in areas subject to damage by rabbit burrows. It forms part of the major programme of investigation being led by the Nene Valley Archaeological Trust. The excavation of 12 trenches will be undertaken in conjunction with Cardiff University, Cambridge University and the British Museum.

There will be open days at the site near Water Newton on Sunday 14th and Sunday 21st July. Places will be limited due to access and parking constraints. If you wish to visit then register on the NVAT website.

It so happens that our guided walk across the Durobrivae site took place yesterday. Dr Stephen Upex provided a detailed insight into the development (and abandonment) of the town using aerial photographs, plans and the latest magnetometry plots to help show the location of key features. And the sun shone on our 50 participants! [photo above]