Peterborough Archaeology (FRAG) takes the safety and welfare of all participants in its activities very seriously.

We are conscious that group members and other web visitors may be interested in, and potentially take part in, activities organised by other organisations which we may help promote.

We cannot take any responsibility for how such activities are organised but we do suggest that you consider carefully the good practice guidelines below before you decide to participate. It’s important that you are fully aware of what you may be doing.

Clear description of the activity including

  • What will take place
  • Where it will take place
  • What to wear/bring
  • Transport arrangements
  • Etc

For any activity such as excavation where there are more than every day dangers

  • A more detailed programme and an induction (completion of which you confirm in writing)
  • Emergency procedures and responsibilities
  • Written copies of Risk Assessments covering relevant activities
  • Clear definition of insurance provided (many groups that run small excavations do not cover personal accidents so you may need to rely on your own insurance)

Besides an application form, many organisers provide a useful set of FAQs (frequently asked questions) which should cover the majority of possible questions participants may have. If they do not provide a set of FAQs or you have specific questions about your involvement do not hesitate to ask the organiser if you have any queries.

Many application forms, depending on the activity or type of excavation, may ask quite detailed questions and often ask for medical details. As you may deem some of this information confidential do ask the organiser if these details can be sent in a sealed envelope to the lead organiser if you prefer.

Enjoy your excavation or activity but make sure you understand any risks and are being organised in a competent way!