Peterborough & The Soke

The British Archaeological Association held its summer conference in Peterborough in 2015. A book has now been published which captures the topics which were addressed. The focus is on Peterborough Cathedral but collectively the 20 papers by leading specialists provide a valuable contribution to the understanding of ... More

cathedral ecavation area from 1917 postcard

Peterborough Cathedral Excavation

The Peterborough Cathedral excavation was a lottery funded community archaeology event organised in 2016 as part of the cathedral’s upcoming 900th anniversary celebrations. Many FRAG members participated in the dig as volunteers. The report by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit who led the excavation has now been publis... More

FRAG Members Unearth Finds at Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral organised an archaeological dig in the Deanery garden in June to coincide with Peterborough Heritage Festival. FRAG members were amongst nearly 100 volunteers who participated in the excavation. The focus of the archaeology was on the Late Anglo-Saxon period, including investigating the possibil... More